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Comparison table of ag checking accounts
  Small Business Checking Regular Business Checking Business NOW Checking Super NOW Checking
Description An account for startups and other small businesses An account for mid-sized businesses An interest-bearing checking account for sole proprietorships (only) A robust account with interest for sole proprietorships (only)
Minimum Deposit to Open $750 None $750 $2,500
Minimum Monthly Balance $750 (or $5,000 average balance) None $750 $2,500
Monthly Service Charge $7.50 plus $0.20 per debit (if below minimum or average balance) $7.50 $7.50 plus $0.20 per debit (if below minimum balance) $10 plus $0.20 per debit (if below minimum balance)
Debit Charges First 50 debits no fee charged, $0.20 per debit thereafter $0.20 per debit transaction see above see above
Earnings None Earned credit of $0.10 per hundred on low balance for the month (offsets the maintenance fee) Interest paid monthly1 Interest paid monthly1
Online & Mobile Banking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Statements Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eligible to Apply for a Business Credit Card2 Yes Yes Yes Yes

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